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Seed Cycle Blend Set (Existing Customer Price)

$45 NZD

Product Description

  • This is an organic two-pack blend to reduce and even eliminate your PMS and cycle symptoms.

  • These two packs (FOL and LUT - pronounced 'lute') cover one average 28-day menstrual cycle.
  • Start FOL blend from day 1 of your period until ovulation (or until roughly day 14 of your cycle). Then switch to LUT blend at ovulation until the start of your period. Then repeat.
  • Simply add two tablespoons daily in your drink, on your breakfast, or include with other recipes.
  • 89% of Seed Cycle Blend customers report a significant reduction in PMS symptoms. See these testimonials below.
  • Made with certified organic ingredients derived from botanicals that support menstrual hormone balance. More information on the product and how it works here.
  • Each pack works by regulating two main hormonal phases of the menstrual cycle. Seed Cycle Blend helps to naturally balance your hormones, so you can enjoy pain-free cycles.

Spoon not included.


What is Seed Cycling?

Seed cycling is a nutritional protocol of rotating specific seeds for two main phases of the cycle. With daily use - the key nutrients in these seeds help to regulate cycle hormones.

A blend of science and ritual

The daily ritual of taking Seed Cycle Blend in sync with hormone fluctuations is just as important as the key nutrients themselves.

We have worked with nutritionists and naturopathic doctors to ensure a perfect balance between nutritional benefits and holistic cycle care.

Sustainable Packaging

At Seed Cycle Blend sustainability is a guiding principle in everything we do. For that reason we use home compostable bags and 100% recyclable packaging. We want to sustain the health of the planet whilst helping to sustain the health of cycles.