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Questions and answers

  • What if I'm on the pill or other hormone medication?

    You can use Seed Cycle Blend on the pill and gain micro and macro nutrients. However, Seed cycling's effectiveness comes from taking nutrients at different times of hormonal fluctuations. When you are on the pill your hormones do not fluctuate - to reduce fertility. There is a lot of nutritional value in the seeds, It just may be harder to track your cycle and therefore your results from Seed Cycling.

  • What if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

    You can consume both packs at the same time instead of alternating them. Mix both packs together in a jar/container (stored in the fridge) and take 2 TBSP of the blend each day during pregnancy and breastfeeding until your period returns.

    Pregnancy and breastfeeding hormones fluctuate differently to menstrual hormones. In pregnancy the nutrients in these blends will support the healthy development of the fetus and stock-pile your own nutrients after birth when you are normally heavily depleted. In breastfeeding these nutrient dense blends will provide a healthy dose of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

    It’s important to consult with your natural practitioner to understand other nutrients that directly support pregnancy and breastfeeding hormones.

  • When will I see results?

    Some people can start noticing a difference in the first month. Others can take up to 3 cycles to notice changes. It's completely dependant on each person's body, sensitivity and history with contraception and other serious health conditions. We recommend consulting with a naturopath or natural health practitioner for professional advice.

  • When do I start?

    Start with FOL blend on day 1 of your period until ovulation (or approximately day 14 of your cycle) or start with LUT blend from ovulation until day 1 of your period.

  • How do I track my cycle?

    There are many different cycle tracking apps out there - but the most effective way to accurately track your cycle is by using the sympto-thermal method. More information on this here. You would need to record your temperature every morning on waking - if this is a difficult habit to maintain we recommend using the Tempdrop arm band.

    A tracking app like kindaracan help to record this temperature and other details like your cervical mucus. It will generate a chart to help you understand what is happening with your cycle.

  • What if I have irregular periods?

    There are many reasons for period irregularity in women who are not on hormonal contraception. In the first instance we advise consulting with a naturopath or natural health practitioner. If seed cycling is prescribed as one of their therapies then we recommend starting to use Seed Cycle Blend with the moon or estimate the length of your cycle, divide it in two and switch blends at each half until you notice consistency.

  • How do you use Seed Cycle Blend with the moon?

    You start with FOL blend on day 1 of the new moon and switch to LUT blend at the full moon (lunar day 14) then repeat.

  • Are there any allegens?

    Sesame seed allergy.

  • Can I use Seed Cycle Blend with my other natural supplements?

    Absolutely! But before doing so we recommend consulting with a naturopath or natural health practitioner for professional advice.

  • How do I store the blends?

    For optimal potency we recommend to store your blends in the fridge or airtight container.

  • Are the blends organic?

    Yes, our ingredients are all certified organic! The whole product is soon to be certified organic.

  • How long does shipping take?

    Depending on your location the standard shipping is 1-6 business days.

    We use a carbon neutral service with 5 star customer tracking service.