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Seed Cycling Recipe E-Book

$8 NZD

We know seed cycling can be hard to stick to sometimes. And what better way to encourage you to keep up with your seed cycling habit than to turn your daily dose into a delicious snack or meal.

Our seed cycling recipe book helps you to integrate your Seed Cycle Blend into a variety of breakfast and snack options to make Seed Cycling easy and fun. Each seed cycling recipe requires only 5-10 minutes to prep and sometimes only a minute to make.

Most ingredients can be found in your cupboard and most recipes can be altered to your liking. Enjoy!



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What is Seed Cycling?

Seed cycling is a nutritional protocol of rotating specific seeds for two main phases of the cycle. With daily use - the key nutrients in these seeds help to regulate cycle hormones.

A blend of science and ritual

The daily ritual of taking Seed Cycle Blend in sync with hormone fluctuations is just as important as the key nutrients themselves.

We have worked with nutritionists and naturopathic doctors to ensure a perfect balance between nutritional benefits and holistic cycle care.

Sustainable Packaging

At Seed Cycle Blend sustainability is a guiding principle in everything we do. For that reason we use home compostable bags and 100% recyclable packaging. We want to sustain the health of the planet whilst helping to sustain the health of cycles.